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If you are a lawyer who either practices in personal injury law, but doesn’t specialize in the niche are of catastrophic impairment law, or you practice in an entirely different area of law than personal injury law, but periodically receive inquiries from some of your clients about a referral to a lawyer specializing in catastrophic impairment law, then contact us at or call 289-430-0728, in order to get more information about our referral program.

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Compliance with the Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct

Rudder Law Professional Corporation complies with the April 27, 2017 amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC), the Paralegal Rules of Conduct (PRC), and By-Law 9, in regards to referral fees.

Referral Percentage and Cap

Therefore, further to the aforementioned amendments in regards to referral fees, Rudder Law Professional Corporation will do, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Ensure the referral fee is fair and reasonable, and does not increase the total amount of the legal fee payable by our referred client to us for our legal services rendered;
  2. Cap the referral fees based on a percentage of the legal fee, as follows:
    • 15% for the first $50,000 of legal fees; and
    • 5% of all legal fees thereafter to an absolute cap of $25,000;
  3. Prohibit the payment of referral fees to lawyers and paralegals, whose licenses were suspended at the time of referral; and
  4. Prohibit up-front referral fees.

Compliance with the Approved Transparency Measures

Further to the approved transparency measures, in order to ensure transparency with our clients concerning referrals, Rudder Law Professional Corporation will also do, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Provide our referred clients with the “Law Society Requirements for Referral Fees – What Clients Need to Know” information sheet, and the opportunity to review and consider it;
  2. Ensure that our referred client, the referring lawyer or paralegal, and my law firm – accepting the referral – complete and sign a standard referral agreement, in the form provided by the Law Society of Ontario;
  3. Advise our referred client of the reason(s) that the referring lawyer or paralegal has recommended my law firm to him or her;
  4. Ensure our referred client, have full and fair disclosure of the relationship between the referring lawyer or paralegal, and my law firm that’s receiving the referral;
  5. Ensure that my statement of account to our referred client, clearly indicates the amount of the referral fee;
  6. Require our referred client, to sign an acknowledgement for the referral payment at the time the payment is payable or paid; and
  7. Record the referral fees paid and received in my law firm’s books and records, and report on referral fee practices in the annual reports that I submit to the Law Society of Ontario.
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