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2022 The Reismans Award Best New Law Firm

Clio – Cloud-Based Legal Technology Interview of Andrew Leroy Rudder:
The Reisman Award Winner for Best New Law Firm

2022 Reisman Award Winner: Best New Law Firm // Rudder Law

We are honoured, humbled and proud to announce from Nashville, Tennessee, at the Clio Cloud Conference, that Rudder Law Group is the winner of the Reisman Award for Best New Law Firm!

A special congratulations to the other winners, whose captivating stories, and dedication to both their legal crafts and clients were inspiring! A special thanks to the exceptional team at Clio – Cloud Based Legal Technology!

Andrew Leroy Rudder — the owner and founder of Rudder Law Group, a Canadian law firm focused on Catastrophic Impairment Law — set a goal of increasing BIPOC representation in the legal industry, as well as practicing law on his own terms. In just 1.5 years, Rudder Law has obtained a catastrophic impairment designation for his client that increased her policy limits from $65,000 to $1 million, and helped change an Ontario law that had discriminatory ramifications against individuals based on geographic location. Andrew also wrote a book on the subject published by LexisNexis Canada Inc., called “Catastrophic Impairment Law in Canada”.

One catastrophic impairment designation impacts one child and one family, but a change in the interpretation of the insurance law as it relates to catastrophic impairment designations for underage insureds, impacts thousands of children and their families throughout the entire province of Ontario.

Clio 2022 Reisman Best New Law Firm 2022 Winner
2022 CABL Advocacy Award

The 2022 CABL Advocacy Award Winner: Andrew Leroy Rudder

We are honoured, humbled and proud to announce that Mr. Andrew Leroy Rudder is the 2022 winner of the CABL Advocacy Award!

The Canadian Association of Black Lawyers (CABL) is particularly keen on recognizing Black excellence.

The Advocacy Award is intended to honour advocates who exemplify the finest traditions in advocacy in representing members of our society whose cause may be politically or socially unpopular or against the mainstream, and who make a substantial contribution to achieving the goal of social justice by championing the rights and liberties that are the foundation of democracy.

Special thanks to the other 3 winners of the other CABL awards: Alex Battick (Young Lawyers’ Award), Thelson Desamour (Volunteerism Award), and Sandra Barton (Mentorship Award)!

We are grateful to the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers, a national network of law professionals and individuals committed to reinvesting in the community, for organizing such a memorable event at their 26th Annual Gala (“Beyond the Mask”) in Ottawa last Saturday Night, at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

The first addition of the book that CABL put together — “Canada’s Black Judges and Justices: Past * Present * Beyond), which celebrates the legacy of the 64 Black Judges and Justices who have been appointed to the judiciary from across the country, is so important in not only unmasking their tremendous accomplishments and contributions, but also in acknowledging the additional work that needs to be done to enhance the diversity within the judiciary.

Lastly, special thanks to all of our clients, who inspire us every day to advocate tirelessly on their behalf to obtain the justice that they deserve.

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