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“When I accidentally crashed my brand new car beyond repair, while helping a friend move into his own house, my insurance company accused me of violating the automobile insurance policy, and then excluded me from my new-car full-replacement insurance coverage. I didn’t know what to do when they refused to replace my new car, until Mr. Rudder stepped in to fight for me pro bono. He took a deep dive into his legal research on the OAP 1 policy, and the Highway Traffic Act and the Criminal Code. He proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the exclusionary provisions of the OAP 1 didn’t apply to my case, and then persuaded the insurance company to fully replace my new vehicle! The fact that Mr. Rudder did all of this work for free, is a testament to how immensely passionate he is about his work, and about helping, and fighting for, the little guy.”

Martin Ajayi

“Andrew L. Rudder helped me beyond words, from the beginning of the file, throughout the complex litigation process, during the settlement negotiations, and even after he settled the accident benefits claim and tort action beyond my expectations. He listened attentively with empathy to my ongoing needs as I struggled with the accident-related psychological and physical pain. He promptly addressed and answered the many questions I had about the legal process, set to rest my ongoing concerns, and provided me with the legal guidance I needed to make informed decisions. He provided the strength I needed to face the insurers, and acted forcefully to get the insurers to pay me the just settlement I deserved. I can’t express in words how much Andrew changed my life with his tireless devotion to my file and helping me to start writing a new chapter in my life. I now know that I can, and I will, overcome anything and everything in life”

Becky Lynn Van Every

“After struggling without receiving any substantial aid from an insurance company, while struggling with my injuries & mental health issues, Andrew L Rudder was recommended by my paralegal. I am very satisfied and grateful for all his hard work. As well as his drive, honesty efficiency and his sense of getting things done in a timely manner. With his help I am now able to seek out more help for my physical issues as well as my mental health issues. I am thankful that I took that call from Andrew. He made a two hour trip here and back to meet with me and go over details. He contacted me on a regular basis and kept me abreast and in the know. I would definitely recommend Andrew for all of your personal injury claims.”

Sheila L. Wilkinson

“Just when we thought of giving up, you stepped in and we knew from day 1 that this was the beginning of a glimmer of hope for me and my family. Thank you Andrew for all the effort and dedication you put forth towards our case. The settlement was fast and way beyond our expectation. This could have not been possible without your professionalism and great knowledge.”

Doris Chantal & Priscillia

“After our beloved teenage son tragically passed away in a horrific car accident, we were too overcome with grief to navigate through the law to know our legal rights. Mr. Rudder steered us in the right direction. Even though no amount of money could ever bring our dear son back, as my family and I continue to suffer a sad bereavement, Mr. Rudder fought tirelessly to get us just compensation.”

Rachel, Vernon, Kelsey, Frank and Andrea

“I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Rudder on a catastrophic file for the past year. I have been consistently impressed with his dedication to the client and his commitment to a positive outcome for her rehabilitation. His connection to the client, family, and the team, has made a significant difference to the cohesion and ultimately, the impact of the team.”

Belinda Darlene Humphrey

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Mr. Andrew Leroy Rudder for my company’s Summit. Mr. Rudder is very professional, thoughtful, and an expert in his field, particularly in catastrophic impairment law. Mr. Rudder was always responsive to my communications with him and eager to connect with our audience. It was lovely to meet someone who is so passionate about their work and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. I would highly recommend Mr. Rudder!”

Jennifer Hickey, Event Coordinator, CSME 

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Andrew for his presentation at the Hamilton Law Association & OIAA’s (Hamilton Chapter) Annual Joint Insurance Seminar. Andrew is a fantastic and engaging speaker, who provided our attendees with a great presentation and update on Catastrophic Impairment Law. He was organized, quick and efficient to work with. On behalf of the HLA thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge and time!”

Sara Kasum, Event Coordinator, The Hamilton Law Association

“When my precious daughter suffered a catastrophic spinal cord and traumatic brain injury from a severe car accident, I was devastated. She had severe pain in her back and debilitating depression with uncontrollable emotional outbursts. She could no longer care for herself or help much with the demanding needs of her severely disabled son. She was passionate about riding horses and was a champion barrel horse racer, but now she struggled to get out of bed. She needed mental healthcare, chronic pain management, rehabilitation treatment, attendant care and medication, which I couldn’t afford to pay for all on my own.

So, when my daughter’s insurance claim for a catastrophic impairment designation was rejected based on a technicality, I didn’t know what I was gonna do. I was disheartened because I knew my family was going to be left with a pittance of insurance coverage. I didn’t have time to unravel the bureaucratic knot that was going to cost my struggling family up to $1 million in insurance coverage. I was too busy caring for my catastrophically injured daughter and severely disabled grandson, while running my own business in Six Nations. Then Mr. Andrew Leroy Rudder came in. He dug deep into the law, and obscure legal documents, policies and guidelines. He presented the insurance company with a detailed and sound legal argument, and persuaded them to overturn their rejection. My daughter was then eligible for up to $1 million for her continuing rehabilitation treatment, care services, and support needs. Mr. Rudder fought hard to get the win for my daughter and my family.”

Sharon Hill

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