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Andrew Leroy Rudder is the published author of the book, “Catastrophic Impairment Law in Canada.”

His publisher, LexisNexis Inc., has described his book as the “authoritative guide on catastrophic impairment law in Canada,” and noted that it “takes a deep dive on the subject, comparing the different provincial regimes across the country, exposing inconsistencies and proposing solutions to redress inequities.”

Drawing on his extensive experience representing clients who have suffered a catastrophic injury and are faced with exorbitant costs of recovery, in his new publication, Rudder undertakes a comprehensive examination of catastrophic impairment law in Canada, both on a provincial and a national level.

Unlike other titles in this practice area, Catastrophic Impairment Law in Canada is less of an assessment of personal injury damages and more of an analysis of how and why a certain assessment was given. In particular, Rudder explores:

Ontario’s significant changes to the definition of “automatic catastrophic impairment” for children that came into effect on June 1, 2016

The issue of discrimination based on geography, and the effect it has on children who are left with inadequate accident benefits coverage
The differences between public and private auto insurance regimes, presented in an easy-to-read chart format

The regimes currently in place in each province, including the administration, benefits and right to proceed with a tort lawsuit in each jurisdiction

The inconsistencies in the auto insurance regimes throughout Canada and offers solutions that will ensure consistency across the country

In addition to appealing to civil litigation lawyers, judges, law students, and auto insurance companies, Rudder’s book also appeals to lawyers and students who are interested in advocating for social justice. Because of inconsistent catastrophic impairment designations and discrimination based on geography, Rudder argues that the law as it currently stands has a disproportionately negative impact on marginalized members of society. He encourages readers to work on making the legal system better and more equitable. In short, this volume demonstrates how a lawyer’s role can extend beyond advocating for their client to include also advocating for the broader community and social justice issues.

This book is a part of Rudder’s ongoing quest to redress inequities on behalf of vulnerable victims of tragic accidents.

Price: $265.00

Softcover: 720 pages
Published: October 15, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433503712
Publisher: LexisNexis Canada

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